About the location

This section is specifically for our on-site participants.

Where is the Hackathon?

The venue is the north wing of the Cologne Game Lab (CGL).
Cologne Game Lab
Schanzenstrasse 28
51063 Cologne
Subway Station: Von-Sparr-Str. (Line 4)
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What do I need to bring?

Anything you might need to help you develop the best concept! Notebooks, drawing boards, pen & paper – but most of all, come with a lot of rest. The following questions will clear up what you do not need to worry about.

What are the opening hours of CGL?

For the duration of the Hackathon, CGL will be kept open throughout the night. This means that you can get into the building at 9 AM on Monday, November 2, and need to vacate the premises at 11 PM on Tuesday, November 3.

But I need to sleep!

You’re right. Since we can’t guarantee real sleeping spots at the site, we recommend you get some real rest in a bed and return with a healthy mind for the next day. But there will be a few couches for the emergency nap.

I also need to eat / drink something!

We got you covered. Ford Motor Company is sponsoring a bar with free coffee, drinks, waffles and other small snacks, which will be installed right next to the Hack site. There’s also going to be a food truck in our yard, selling burgers. For Hackathon participants, everything is free of charge!

How do we get internet access?

There will be a special WiFi set up for the Hackathon, as well as numerous LAN cables laying around to plug into your ports.

I am alone, can I participate?

Of course! Events like these are meant for people to come together. There will be a concept presentation and group finding phase right at the beginning of the hackathon.