General Information

About the Hackathon

On November 2, 50 people will gather in the Cologne Game Lab to develop concepts in groups over the course of 30 hours. Additionally, 25 teams will join the competition through online participation. They are competing for a final spot as a finalist in the Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge, which yields a prize pool of 17.500 €!

This is an accompanying event to the Clash of Realities Conference, which starts on the second day of the jam.

You can register for on-site participation here or join with a complete team online by registering here. Both parties enter into the same competition. The only difference is that the 50 people present at CGL will form their groups on location while the 25 online teams are supposed to be complete from the start.

Deadline is November 3, 4 PM. The winners will be announced the day after during a presentation by Ford’s Will Farelly at the Clash of Realities Conference.


CGL and Ford have teamed up to explore digital solutions for the increasing challenges of urban travel. While large cities are steadily growing in population and eject more people into their streets, recent studies have shown that today’s urban citizens are ready to step out of the traffic chaos, use public transport systems and share their cars – if only it was easier to engage in these activities.

Video games can be so absorbing that a few minutes play can easily turn into a few hours – and occasionally an all-nighter. But did you think they may actually save you time and help to keep us on the move in the crowded cities of the future? This is what we are aiming to achieve through FORD SMART MOBILITY GAME CHALLENGE.